What you need to understand about fat loss is how your body process the 3 types of food. CARBS FATS AND PROTEIN.

There are 3 different body types. ECTOMORPH, MESOMORPH AND ENDOMORPH.

Each have a very different and sophisticated way to process nutrients. The best way to go about fat loss is understanding what body type are you then get a customized training program with a meal plan that reflects your end goal.


I personally don’t believe in diets. They are a temporary fix to a long-term problem. The only thing that truly works is knowing how your body functions and understand what sort of food and quantity you need to stay in shape for as long as you live

I want to challenge a belief that 99% of the population believes.


It’s not…

It takes as much effort for a human being to be out of shape then to stay in shape.

I’d even say staying in shape is a lot easier then being out of shape.

Keeping your body at a pique state is a matter of choice .It’s a question of standards and habits.

Someone out of shape is always under some sort of pain. Knee or lower back pain due to excessive weight. Lack of energy, slow and poor digestion which leads to constipation.

Heart problem, weak immune system lower sex drive and a lot more that I don’t need to mention here.

An out of shape person is a prisoner in his own body. He can never use his body to its full potential.

So being out of shape is a lot harder then to stay in shape.

What’s hard is self control because no one teaches us how to master our emotions, temptations,fears, doubts and external influence.

Its your human responsibility to educate yourself on self control and discipline.

I’m not trying to give you a psychology lesson. But losing fat is 90% psychological and 10% technical.

Your psychology is something you can master at any time if you decide to.

It all comes down to getting educated on how your body works. Comprehending what type of food your body needs to stay fit lean and strong.

So the first thing you’ll have to start with is knowing the good and bad foods for your BODY TYPE.

What’s a CALORIE. What are CARBS when do you need them and why.

The role of protein and good fats in your body.

What are good/bad carbs

What are good/bad fats.

Once you have the fundamental understanding of nutrition then comes the training.

You always have to train according to your goals.

But you also have to consider the right sort of exercises to avoid unnecessary injuries.

For example cross fit is a very bad fit for a beginner. I’m totally against their mentality and their way of doing things because their training is designed for advance level athletes. And even then I would argue with the structure of their programs.

Most people don’t need to box jumps 20 times and then hit an Olympic lift right after for 10 reps to lose weight or get into shape. That’s the perfect recipe for injuries.

What most people need is a program designed for their body type and fitness level.

It should take their injury background in consideration. And have alternative for exercise they cannot perform due to lack of mobility or previous injury.

This is why I created my online coaching program to help people on a 1 on 1 basis.

To avoid the confusion storm waged on beginners online.

If you want to get ahead in life the fastest and smartest way is to ask someone who’s done what you are trying to achieve.

People quit fitness not because of lack of will. They quit because they try to figure things out by themselves.

They get injured using bad form or get confused because they don’t know where to start what to do or how.

In my online coaching program I will take you by the hand. Help you understand your body type and built a program based on your goal and fitness level.

You’ll have a meal plan based on your body type.

I’ll get on a live call with you once a week to follow-up on your progress and check if you need help with anything.

I’ll be able to check your form during your exercises and help you correct it so you can avoid injuries and get results fast.

I’ll be your guide and fiduciary for the next 16 weeks to help you change your body, change your mind and change your life.