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We all start somewhere and we all suck the first time we try anything. Riding a bicycle, swimming, ice skating, public speak, tieing your shoes. We hate them all the first time we do them. Simply because we suck at it.

Working out is the same. Most people hate it or can’t be consistent at it because they have the wrong information to get the results they want.

I see a lot of beginners make terrible mistakes and no one corrects them.  Most don’t even ask for help or sometimes they just don’t know who to ask.

Like anything in life, the best way to improve or get good at something fast is to ask somebody who’s done what you trying to accomplish.

It’s the smartest way to get ahead.

Here are 9 best tips you can use to get results fast if you feel like a newbie stepping into a gym.



There are 3 main body types Ectomorphs: People who are usually skinny and small boned. They can eat McDonald every day and stay skinny like a chopstick not gaining in once of weight. We call them HARD-GAINERS.

There’s the Mesomorph: Which are a tiny percentage in the population.

I’d say 1 to 2% of the population are pure mesomorph.

These people are naturally built, athletic, strong and natural born athletes.

They gain muscle fast while keeping body fat below 12%. The perfect example is Mike Tyson, Lebron James, and Olympic Sprinters. We call them “FREAK OF NATURE”.

Then there is the Endomorph: This category is people who are naturally big boned and carry a layer of fat on their body.

They gain mass quickly but have a hard time shredding.

The best example is the football linebackers and strongman.

Endomorph are naturally extremely strong individuals.

Strength and size is not their problem. Cutting fat is.

Here’s a quiz you can take to determine what’s your body type.

Take the QUIZ

So once you have determined your body type next comes your WHY?


This is the most crucial tip to remember.

If you know you're “WHY” behind the reason you wanna look your very best then everything else becomes irrelevant.

You suddenly become unstoppable.

You’ll go the extra mile, you won’t need any external motivation.

You’ll be inspired by your “WHY” and it’ll pull you out of your comfort zone when you feel like quitting.

Here’s what I mean by knowing your WHY?

I’ll give you my example so you can understand better.

I stay at the top of my game physically because it allows me to work longer harder then anyone else.

It gives me confidence as I age to push past of self-limiting belief physically and mentally.

I become an inspiration and example for people around me.

I develop a lifelong discipline that I can revert int other things in life.

I have more energy to play with my kids and enjoy life to the fullest.

My sex drive is up to the roof lool.

And above all I can be an example to my kids and show them (not tell) this is what I have accomplished so can you and I’ll show you how.

It’s about leaving a legacy. How they will remember me when I’‘m gone…

This is my WHY.


I don’t need any external motivation.

I do it because I have to.

It’s part of my lifelong mission.

I showed you my example so you can build your own.

To do that you will have to go within.

You’ll have to ask the tough questions and then face the cold hard truth.

Here are a series of question I used to find my “WHY”.

The first part is why do I want this?

  • What advantages I will have by staying fit as I age?

  • What do I want to look like physically and mentally at age 50,60,70?

  • What are my physical standards?

  • Can I accept being out of shape unhealthy and soft?

  • How do I define myself physically?

  • Is being fit part of my life mission?

I then come up with a second set of questions that focus on what I will miss by not being fit.

They are my internal motivator and focus to help me stay consistent when I don’ feel like hitting the gym or on extremely busy days.

  • What will happen if you can’t stay fit?

  • What will happen if you become fat and lazy?

  • What will you miss out on by not being at your best physical condition as you age?

  • How will this affect your kids and family life?

  • How will this affect your life mission?

  • Is being out of shape part of your life values?

When you go through these series of question I strongly recommend you to write them down in your daily journal or a blank piece of paper you can look at every day.

Read them every morning before going to work or at work or first thing in the morning, afternoon or whenever is your time.

Just have them in front of your face at least once daily and reflect upon what you wrote.

Whenever you feel like quitting or not going to the gym, these questions will help you kick your ass if you respect yourself enough.

Staying in shape is simply having respect for yourself.

Personally for me if you don’t take care of your body you simply do not respect yourself enough.

Nothing wrong with that.

But if you don’t respect yourself why the heck would other respect you for who you are?

I know when I see an out of shape person I immediately know he's got the wrong data backed by unhealthy habits. There are some exceptions, people with health issues.

But the great majority are a product of their habits.

That’s what it comes down to.

HABITS. Good or Bad they both give you the results of their choosing.


Let me explain. An ECTOMORPH cannot have the same goal as an Endomorph.

They are at the opposite spectrum.


ECTOMORPH is a hard gainer with low-fat percentage and ENDOMORPH is a fast gainer with a higher fat percentage.

Both need to build muscle but each has to do it based on how their body responds.

The ectomorph has to eat a heck of a lot of calories 17-19 per 1 pound of bodyweight.

He needs to focus on compound lifts.

Lift heavy with 5-6 Rep range.

For example, back squats 5 sets of 5 reps at 75% 1 Rep Max.

75% of 1 rep max means the percentage of a weight you can only lift once.

The endomorph will have to do more reps with lighter weights with short breaks in between.


Also exercising with compound lifts and HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

HIIT: is a chain of exercise for a duration of time with no breaks.

As you can see both body types have a very different approach when it comes to lifting weights.

This is where most beginners get it wrong. They grab any workout plan on google that promises what they are trying to achieve only to find out it never works.

If you tried a program before and it didn’t work.

You either had the wrong program for your body type.

You didn’t push hard and long enough

Or you had the wrong meal plan with an improper way to execute the exercises with inadequate rep range.

Tips number 4 is “START GRADUALLY”

Don’t kill yourself. A lot of people have a misunderstanding of a great workout.

Most people think if you are not sore your workout was useless.


This is not how you measure a great workout.

A great workout is about performance, not soreness.

Soreness means you’ve pushed your body to an extent where the lactic acid in your muscle is massively produced that your body needs rest to evacuate the substance and repair the tears.

Your goal is to have a great performance and not kill yourself as you’re starting off.

The best method is to start as 1 day on and 1 day off for a total of 3 workouts per week.

This gives your body enough time to recuperate.

You’ll avoid injuries and you’ll have time to adapt get better and have a greater performance during your workouts.

Nothing worse than working out while you are dead sore.

It’s the recipe to get injured.

Here’s a 3-day plan you can follow to kick start your fitness journey

proper squating.png


Focus on technique and doing the exercise with proper form.

A smarter lifter has nothing to do with ego lifting.

It’s all about form technique and mastery.

When you start to master specific lifts you can increase your intensity of training and lift heavier. It’s a consequence of working out with the right method.



Here’s why; It will burn more calories build more muscle increase strength and get you functional simultaneously.

Functional meaning being able to use multiple muscle simultaneously. Like an athlete.

Not like a thick bodybuilder who can’t scratch his back.

Compound lifts are: Deadlift, Barbell BACK/FRONT Squat, chin ups, pull ups, Bench Press.

Dips and Barbell Bent Over Row, Farmer Walks. They require more than one muscle to complete the movement. They give you access to more muscle unit contraction. Generating more power and energy to complete the exercise.

The more muscle unit you can contract instantly the more force you generate. The more calorie you burn and the more muscle functionality you gain.

These lifts have everything you need to pack on some serious size and acquire massive strength.

They are also perfect for burning fat since they demand more muscle units to contract simultaneously than an isolation exercise such as bicep curl.



I’m sure you’ve heard it countless times abs are made in the kitchen.

It’s true 80% of your success is based on your nutrition.

Think about it you workout 3 times a week 45 to 60 minute per sessions.

That leaves a lot of time outside the gym.

Here’s what you need to understand about nutrition.

Know your body type first.

If you’re an ectomorph, you need to add mass, therefore, eating plenty of good calories.

Your meal plan is high in carbs high in protein and high in fat.

Consider this formula 40% Carbs 30% Protein and 30% good fat.

You can never be in calorie deficit.

Here’s a guideline to calculate your MACROS.

  • 1 Gram Of Carb = 4 Calories

  • 1 Gram Of Protein = 4 Calories

  • 1 Gram Of Good Fat = 9 Calories

Here’s a meal plan for the ectomorph body type.

If you’re an ENDOMORPH then you know you need to cut on calories while keeping your protein intake as high as possible and eat a decent amount of good fats to not go into calorie deficit. Since FAT carry the most amount of calories. 1 gram of fat equates to 9 calories.

Calorie deficit will cost you in muscle.

That is the last thing you want on earth.

Losing muscle in fitness is like losing money in the stock market.

As the great Warren Buffet said.

Rule number one “don't lose money”.

Rule number 2 “ Is remebering rule number one.

The same strategy applies to fitness when adding muscle to your frame.

1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories at rest.

This means staying lean without having to kill yourself on the treadmill.

The more muscle you have the more calorie you burn the less fat you accumulate.

The nutrition rule for an Endomorph should be 40% protein 40% good fat and 20% carbs.

Most endomorphs store carbs into fat.

So we need to minimize the carbs and grab our source of calories elsewhere such as protein and fats.

If you are a mesomorph then you are blessed by mother nature. You can simply go with any type of diet as long as you are not calorie deficit. You’ll simply keep adding muscle to your frame with the assistance of a well-planned workout.



People quit working out not because they don’t get results, not because they don’t know what they are doing. They quit because they have the wrong mindset.

The wrong approach toward fitness.

The information to get a six pack or burn fat while building muscle is all over the internet.

You can go on google right now and search for exactly what you want.

You might have to spend some time to find valuable sources but the information is out there.

The problem with a lot of people is they want things NOW…

They wanna drop 30 pounds in 30 days and then hit the gym once in a while while maintaining their new mystical physique.

Life doesn't work that way.

Anything of great value requires effort, hard work, time and consistency.

If it’s easy, it carries no value.

Be grateful for goals that are hard and feel almost impossible to achieve.

Because when you pursue them you transcend into a higher version of yourself.

Leaving behind the self that was drowning you in mediocrity.

This is where the DR1VEN philosophy is a game changer.

It has been for me it can be for you and many around the world if they take time to understand it and implement it into their daily lifestyle.

I go by the quote “ Make savage the body but SOPHISTICATE the mind

Your body is the outward manifestation of your mind.

Weak mind weak body.

It’s simple, meet any super successful person and ask them if being fit as helped them get to where they are today?

Without a single thought in mind, the answer is a big  YES.

Now there are exceptions.

But I’m not taking them for example. They might have mastered their finances. But they can never enjoy their riches like they wish they could.

As the great Aristotle said “ Sculpting the human body is the ultimate test of life”

It requires hard work, patience, discipline, and introspection.

Those who are fortunate enough to master this discipline have the power to achieve any goal they will set for themselves during their lifetime.

Here are few books that helped me develop the right mindset.

If you apply the lessons in the books you’ll hold the power to transcend into a whole realm of infinite possibilities.

Information changes affirmation.

Feed your mind with the right fuel.

Mind and body are no different they are bound to each other.

What the body feels the mind bears.

What the mind sees the body manifests.


Life is simple but yet hard because simple things are easy to forget.

We find them boring and tiring because we get distracted by the complexity of life.

Things we don’t control and the influence around us.


Physical fitness is governed by the LAW of consistency.

The more consistent you are at applying the right method and information the fitter you become.

Not just physically but mentally. The body follows the mind.

So remember to stick to these 9 tips and if there’s one thing you can carry from this article is


If you stay consistent for 90 days you’ll be a newer version of yourself.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Just post them in the comment section below I’ll do my best to answer them.

Also please share this article only if you judge it can help anyone you know.

We are on this journey together.

It’s not just getting fitter physically but becoming a more powerful version of ourselves.

A self that knows no boundaries and limitation.

A self that carries the mission to make this world a better place for our future generations.

Jordan Syyed