Best Body weight Exercise To Build Muscle And Burn Fat.


If you’re not into lifting heavy weights or just don’t have time to hit the gym here’s are a few exercises you can do in the comfort of your house and still get fantastic results. All along getting stronger, leaner and more functional than you ever were before.


The push up:


  • Works Chest Muscle

  • Triceps

  • Front Delts

  • Core

  • Scapular (in done correctly)

  • Shoulders


There are many variations to this exercise.

There is the normal Stance

Hands shoulder width: this puts the majority of the pressure on the pectoral muscles (chest )

-Wide stance: I personally don’t suggest this stance because it puts a lot more pressure on the front delt (front side of the shoulder) then on the chest muscle. So avoid this stance as much as possible if you care not to develop shoulder tendonitis or shoulder impingement o the long run.

Normal Stance PushuPS: Works the chest in the majority, front delts and triceps are fully engaged. Also if done with proper form your scapular (upper back) is fully engaged as well.
P.S: I’m doing my push ups on my knuckles because my left wrist is injured therefore I cannot put pressure on my palm of the left hand.



-Close Stance: Works the triceps, front delts (front side of shoulder) and core. This is the fundamental exercise. You can build an amazing chest simply by doing push ups. There are varieties of push ups you can do to increase stress on your chest.

You can add a weighted vest to make them harder.

You can do eccentric push ups,

explosive push ups and pause push ups.

I’ll explain them all in my next email.


-Diamond Push Ups: Interior of chest muscle and exterior head of the triceps. Awesome upper body exercise. try 4 sets of 10 reps with a minute break between sets. If it’s too hard increase your rest time to 90 seconds. Try to get to 10 reps and when you can do more then 10 add some weight on your back or simply get a weighted vest.

-Hindu Push Ups: This is a bit advance but if you can master this exercise the benefits are simply limitless. It’s an exercise perform by top martial artist, wrestlers Olympic weight lifters, and football players. It engages the whole upper body and has a tremendous impact on strength increase. It’s considered a compound exercise because it engages more than 1 muscle group. It’s an amazing way to built upper body functional strength.



So which variation is best. There are all great exercises. Each has their specific benefits. It depends on you the trainee. Which muscle part you want to focus on.


Don’t worry by the end of this article I will hand you a fully made training plan for 6 weeks for you to get yourself in shape :).

2nd Exercise is the Squat.

The squats are known as the father of all exercise because it emphasizes the biggest muscle group of your entire body.


Quads, hamstrings, lower back middle back, core.

Bodyweight squats are great but it’s even better if you can add a bit of resistance to it.Since your legs are used to carry the weight of your entire body. You need to add extra resistance for them to grow stronger and bigger. What I would suggest is to get a Sandbag. I will put a link to the one I use. This little piece of equipment is awesome. I have a complete total body workout you can do with a sandbag. But let us leave this for another time.


So you can carry the sandbag on your back and execute squats.


Here are 4 variations of bodyweight squats you can perform without any equipment.


Standard Body Weight Squat.



*Works the entire lower body

* Works lower back middle back and even upper back if you add weight

* Works Core muscles

* Makes you more functional

*Increase strength

*Increase Lean body mass

*Burns Fat

*Prevents knee pain if done with proper technique

*Increases explosiveness if done explosively

*Increases Athleticism

* Increase hip mobility


As you can see the advantages of squats are pretty much endless. It means you can never skip squats and you can’t replace them either.

Here’s how I see it people who deeply care to build a solid body witan an unshakable foundation never skip or replace squats.


They just do them with passion and if they hate them they simply learn to like them because of the endless amount of advantages.


So be smart be courageous and hit them squats. 60% of your muscle mass is created by squats.

So do them without giving yourself any lame excuses.


Here’s the standard squat


The Sumo Squat: Awesome for inner thighs, quads and lower back. They can be perform along side a traditional squat. You can super-set them with normal squats to get an awesome leg pump and work on your hip mobility. They will help you improve your barbell squat as you start adding weight. You’ll have a much better hip mobility and strength.


Pistol Squats: One of the hardest most most effective full body exercise. It requires enormous mobility from hips and lower back. Great balance, single leg strength and a strong core to keep the your center of gravity as you go down in the squat position.

There are progression to the pistol squat. Start with a bench behind your butt as explained in the video and work your way toward the full pistol squat progressively. Do not haste or overlap steps. It can cost you a serious injury. Star with the basics and build your squat along the way.


Jumping Squat: Are awesome for glutes, quads, hamstrings and core. They work on using multiple muscle simultaneously. Creating muscle coordination and athleticism. They are awesome to burn fat. I even use them for cardio.

5 x 10 with 30 seconds break between set will get your heart pumping like crazy.




Lunges: Perfect for quads, lower back and core.

It also works on balance. Start with normal lunges then add weight and do walking lunges and when you get really good. Try jumping lunges for speed, explosiveness and even cardio.




Next, comes the Pull-ups


The pull ups are the best exercise to build massive upper body and pulling strength. It’s the king of upper body exercises. Nothing gives you more results than doing pulls. There are many variations of pull-ups. Close grip, normal grip, wide grip, reverse close grip, reverse normal grip, wide reverse grip


I’m a explain the difference between all of them.


Let’s make this simple.

The wider you go the more pressure you add on your exterior laterals, the closer your grip the more pressure you add on the interior side of your back muscles.


Normal grip puts more pressure on the upper back and upper side lats depending on your grip stance.

But this is an absolute must to include in your workout routine.

Close Grip Pull Up:

 The close reverse grip adds a lot of pressure on the upper and middle back. The normal and wide reverse grip focuses on lower lats and lower and mid back.


Which variation is the best? There are none. It all depends on what you want to improve.

It’s always good to start with normal grip get stronger and then alternate from there on as you improve.


The next exercise is the DIP.


  • Works triceps and shoulders

  • Works core muscle

  • Increases strength in arms

  • Increase pressing strength

  • Functional stabilizers in upper body

  • Make you more functional

  • Builds mass in your triceps


Here’s how to perform a dip at home.

So here you have everything you need to sculpt a body of your dreams if you decide to use this information and make good use of it…

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