The 5 Best Exercises To Build Muscle Burn Fat And Increase Athleticism

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Yesterday after my workout I hung out with the gym boys and we start having a conversation about what if you could only do a handful of exercise to get the best possible results in the shortest time possible.

Results such as build muscle, build athleticism, increase muscle resistance and look great shirtless.

What would they be? I was among a power-lifter, a Cross-fitter 2 bodybuilder and an Olympic lifter.

All of them start to argue on what works best for them and what not. I was simply listening to their opinions. 
Each of them had a very good source of information but they were all uni-dimensional. 

They valued their sport. The bodybuilders were more focused on looking good shirtless then anything else, the power-lifter didn't really care about the looks, for him it was simple squat, deadlift and bench every day. Which is great but not the best way to build athleticism and resistance

The crossfiter had great points but their workouts are a perfect fit for injuries and create muscular imbalances.

The Olympic lifter was on point but was missing a few key ingredient. Such has body weight exercise hypertrophy and muscular resistance.
They were all trying to defend their sport which is what they should do. But they didn't understand my question. They were thinking based on their personal philosophy which was very narrow-minded because of their sport.

I went home that day and thought about what if you could take the very best of all these athletes and summarize that into 5 exercises that would yield the best return on investment.

Here's are the 5 best exercises you can do to increase athleticism, build explosive strength, gain muscle, burn fat and look awesome in front of the mirror.

#1 The Deadlift: Like the barbell back squat this exercise hits every main muscle group on your body.

It requires great leg strength, good hip, ankle and shoulder mobility to perform the movement correctly.

There are 3 ways to execute this movement.

There is the SUMMO DEADLIFT. Perform by most powerlifters there is the traditional with the reverse grip where you have you feet shoulder width and you use your posterior chain ( glutes hamstrings and quads) to get the weight off the ground and then pull with your back to complete the movement.

Then there is the CLEAN DEADLIFT which I personally prefer. This is used by all Olympic lifters. To help them get stronger on their cleans. The reason I prefer this movement it’s because of the natural grip stance plus you use a lot more of your legs on the drive without over extending your back. On top of that you have to execute the movement in an explosive speed to get the weight off the ground asap as if you were performing a power clean or full clean.

#2 : The king of all exercises Back Squat. There are 3 different ways to execute this movement. The power lifter way, the body builder way and the Olympic lifter way.

How do you perform them and what is best way to get the most results.

By personal experience the Olympic lifter squat get you the best results by far. It’s great for hip strength and mobility.

Awesome for the posterior chain, quads and hamstrings .

Exceptional for strength and athleticism.

The reason why the Olympic lifting squat out perform the other type of squat is due to his range of motion.

It’s a lot harder going all the way down and pushing back up then going down until 90 degree knee parallel and then come up.

You use a lot less muscle and joint capacity then the Olympic lift squat.

Here’s how you execute them:

Power lifting Squat : Look at the stance of his feets (really wide) and the depth of his squat. (90 degree parallel to knee bent)

The Bodybuilder Squat : Jay is an amazing bodybuilder one of my favorite but again he things he’ going all the way down but that is not a full range of motion on a full squat. This truly helps to get a great pump in your legs but in terms of size, strength, athleticism and mobility it’s not recommended. We want one movement to hit all those points.

The Olympic Lifting Squat: Look at Luo Xiojun an Olympic lifting champion. But look at how low he goes on his squat. This is a full range of motion.

#3: The Pull ups: The king of the upper body exercise. I know most people will argue with the bench press. But my research shows building a bigger back is much more important then an massive chest. I’m talking about building over all functional strength muscle mass and athleticism.

A bigger back not only makes you look bigger it also keeps your shoulders healthy. I know plenty of bodybuilder,power lifer who have shoulder injuries, tendinitis and lack of shoulder mobility.

The ideal ration to keep your upper body balanced is doing 2 pulling sets for every pressing set. Here’s the proper way to execute a pull up that will yeast the best results .

#4: Inclined Bench Press: I picked the inclined instead of the traditional flat bench because it builds a better thicker chest . When done correctly puts less stress on the shoulder joint and focuses on the middle and upper chest muscle.

Here’s how to execute this movement with proper technique and form.

#5 :Clean & Push-Press. This is an advance movement but it’s the king of building explosive strength and athleticism. There are 2 variations of clean and press. There is the power clean and the full clean. The power clean is easier and requires a lot less hip and elbow flexibility then the full clean. Here’s how they are both done. You might not be able to execute these movements with a barbell. The best way is to start with Kettle bells and as you progress you move on to the barbell .

Here’s how to execute a power clean : This is the Olympic lifting champion Torkty. Showcasing how to POWER CLEAN in slow motion in various angles. The important part in this movement is the last pull once the bar gets just above the knee at mid quad level. That’s where you explode to get under the bar as quickly as possible all while keeping a solid balance and posture.

Here’s how to push-presses after a clean: This is DIMITRY KLOKOV another Olympic lifting champion and my favorite lifter. Look at how he uses his leg t drive the bar when he dips just before pushing the bar above his shoulders. Also look at where the bar finishes. Shoulder fully extended just slightly behind his head. Start with a light weight and master the movement before going heavy.. The goal is not to lift as heavy as possible. The objective is to execute the movement with proper technique and form to extract the best possible results.

So here you have The 5 Best Exercises To Build Muscle Burn Fat And Increase Athleticism..

Jordan Syyed