The 3 “S’s” That Are Preventing You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

Your fitness goals are single-handedly controlled by you. You might argue with me on this subject but you do…

If you’re someone who’s small boned, skinny and you’re having issues packing on more weight. You simply don’t have the 3 S’s aligned in coordination.

If you are someone who has problems losing weight same reason applies to you, my friend.

What if you are an advanced lifter and you’ve been at it for years and you feel like you can never surmount your plateau. Are you a victim of the 3 “S”? 

Yes, you are. 

Most people are clueless about why they can’t reach the results they desire. They know what to do but for some reason, they never seem to get there. 

Therefore that goal becomes a fantasy and after a few years they accept their actual state and decide it’s simply not for them.

I don’t blame them because accurate valuable information does not flow in newspapers, TV and even social media…

Well maybe on social media and the internet if you know what you’re looking for precisely.

Actually, the internet is where I found what you’re about to learn.

The first “S” represents the STORY you tell yourself.  For example, if you’re someone who is having issue losing weight, you’ve tried a few things that didn’t work and you’re jaded. You have accepted you can never loose weight because you are big boned or you have other issues with your body producing too many fat cells.

This story will affect the way you feel which is the second “S” your “STATE”. Your emotions are governed by the story you tell yourself repeatedly which is your actual belief. 

Your “STATE” will dictate your actions which are the THIRD “S” A.K.A your STRATEGY. 

Do you get the pattern?

If one of them is not aligned the process won’t work therefore you will never get the results you want. 

So first thing first change the story that is been playing in your mind.

Most people say I tried everything when in reality they only tried 3 things incorrectly and they are already jaded.

Change the story playing within your head.

Then get excited about the new story the new possibility. Develop the right emotional “STATE” and then look for a strategy that is working today. Not something that was working 20 years ago.

Find someone who is applying that strategy right now and he’s got proof it’s working. 

NOTE: if you need help to find someone with a proven a strategy email me

When you have all three S’s”ALIGNED. It’s time to take action and apply the information consistently and measure your outcome by writing it down every day.

That’s how you’ll figure what you’re doing works or not.

Hopefully, this opened your eyes to the truth. Please share this article with someone you might think could be beneficial.

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I’m here to assist you with the best of my abilities. So reach out to me I’ll be more than glad to assist.


So the 3 “S’s” are:




Just follow the steps correctly and you’ll be on your way to success guaranteed!