Best Exercises To Lose Weight And Build Muscle.

When it comes to losing fat, the vast majority of people consider cardio above all. Here’s a basic fundamental fact that will help you understand fat loss a bit better. What burns fat is having muscle. You need cardio to burn calories, but there are different ways to burn calories.Later in this article, we will discuss the best exercise to lose weight and build muscle. But first, let me explain to you why cardio isn’t the best option for weight loss.

Cardio is paramount for a healthy heart, but it’s not the optimum method to lose fat. Keep this in mind. “A pound of muscle burns 50 calories at rest”.

Yes, this means the more muscle you have, the less time on the treadmill. You’ll burn fat even when you are asleep.

Best exercise to lose weight and build muscle.

The best way to approach fat loss is to incorporate a training program that emphasizes the compound movements such as Squats, front squats, deadlifts, bench press, bent over rows farmer walks, kettlebell swings, push-ups, pull-ups, dips and every form of exercises that demands functional strength during its execution.  These are the best exercise to lose weight and build muscle.

I know what you are about to say what about cardio? You can do cardio but don’t waste more than 15 minutes twice a week on the treadmill.

If you train with me, I can make your heart pump twice as fast in less than 3 min into the workout then 30 minutes of cardio ;). And it’s a damn fact.

So why the functional exercises?

Because you recruit more muscle units simultaneously doing these exercise, then you would on a treadmill or doing machine assisted activities.

Here’s something else you need to understand. The more muscle units you can activate concurrently the more calories you can burn during that time frame.

It is the smartest and most efficient way to go.

Now you can argue with me and say well I don’t care about muscle building  I just want to lose these big chunks on my gut and melt the damn love handles.

Well, you can ignore what I said and hit the treadmill for 30 mins per day. But believe me, that won’t make your love handle go away.

Your body is always trying to adapt to changes and stress around you. It will simply get used to your 30 minutes cardio and stop burning the extra amount of calories since it adapted to the stress level exerted by your cardio.

And don’t forget, doing an excessive amount of cardio has a “CATABOLIC” effect on your muscle mass. Meaning you lose muscle doing too much cardio.

Eventually, you’ll look like a skinny fat person who is even worse than being fat. (Skinny man with a giggly belly)

Best Exercise To Lose Weight And Build Muscle.

My method is keeping the body under constant stress, so it never gets the opportunity to adapt.

You hit it with various exercises that’ll build functional strength and burn twice as many calories than running on a treadmill. 

Inducing compound movements into your workout is the smartest way to lose fat. By building muscle and strength, you are increasing your metabolic rate which will use fat as energy to sustain your new muscle gains. (Increasing your calorie burn at rest not sleep but rest) Your BMR.

The important thing here is to understand what burns fat is not cardio but muscle mass and your ability to contract a multitude of muscle units at once.

So do cardio twice a week but learn to leverage your muscle mass to burn off that ugly fat.

It’s just easier to keep it off on the long run.

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Jordan Syyed