4 Ways To Keep Your Motivation To Lose Weight.

Every year millions of people set their new year resolution. According to statisticbrain.com, 41% of Americans make resolutions that are 134 million people with resolution. Out of that 134 million 21% (the highest amount) make weight loss resolution. That’s 28 million americains. A lot of freakin people. And only 8% of the 28 million achieve their resolution. Why is that?
How come they keep their “MOTIVATION TO LOSE WEIGHT” and the vast majority don’t?

What’s the trick? The magic formula to stay motivated dedicated to achieving your health or any goals in particular?

These are the question most people ask when they miss their new year resolution a few weeks after they started.

Here’s what goes in their mind. Life happens. Their usual routine, the bad old habit kicks in and without knowing they fall in that trap and loose track of their new year resolution.

They also underestimate the amount of effort it’ll take them to get just a tiny bit of results. Most often they have the wrong plan, erroneous information, and the improper mindset to get things going. Everything is misaligned for them to ignite their motivation to lose weight.

Here’s something I realized over years of experience in the fitness field. People who fail to lose weight have developed a mindset of being fat. Let me explain. How often do you see people trying crazy diets starving themselves to death to lose an excessive amount of weight fast? But then you see them six months later, and they gained everything back. WHAT THE HELL?

Those strict diets and food deprivation are a temporary fix, not a permanent solution. The problem is in people’s head. I’m not saying they are stupid it’s not the point. They have a fat mentality. They think like, fat people. And that follows them even when they lose an extra 50,60, 70 pounds of weight. They just end up being fat again.

So the first thing you need to get right is to shift your mindset from thinking like a fat person to a healthy person. It means you eat to fuel your body not to satisfy an appetite. Instead of eating a bunch of carbs unhealthy fats, processed sugars and an excessive amount of salt. Start getting educated about what’s a calorie. How


does an excessive amount of calorie intake affect your body?

What type of foods are high in calories, fat, carbs, sugar, and sodium.
Learning to read the nutrition facts on every food package. You need to start paying attention to what goes into your body. Don’t simply eat because it smells good, looks good or tastes good. You have to know what it will do to your body.I’m not saying stop enjoying the food. I’m just saying be a bit more educated about it. Adding a bit more smartness to your persona will only make you more confident, less confuse and a heck lot more responsible for your own health.

The best thing that’ll keep your motivation to lose weight is to have the right plan. It means you need to educate yourself on strategic goal setting, seek a specialist. If you don’t know how to do it yourself or you don’t have access to a specialist. You can email me at support@dr1venfitness.com I’ll do the consultation for free.

You need to understand and write down what’s a realistic plan. If you’ve never achieved the goal, you’ve set for yourself. You’ll need to sit down and get advice from an expert. It will only save you time frustration whole lot of confusion and potentially end up hitting your goals in a few months down the road.

Once you have your plan writing down, you need to start changing one habit at a time. The first habit should be hitting the gym three times a week without an excuse for the next week or 2. Don’t set yourself for failure. Be strategic about your approach. If you have been inactive for over two years, it’s very unlikely you’ll hit the gym 4-5 times a week right from the get go. Be patient and remember incremental steps.

Small incremental steps create an avalanche of momentum trust me I’ve tried it multiple times. I’m all for small incremental improvements. Forging Greatness one step at a time.

Once consistency is embedded into your workouts, then move on to the nutrition part. Scientifically proven it takes 66 days to break an old habit and replace it with a new. Have that in mind. You need to keep at it for 66 days for your mind to develop an unconscious pattern to execute the habit on autopilot.

Following these steps will get you focus on the process and not on results. You shouldn’t look at results for at least 60 days. It’s pointless to ask yourself how long you have been without exercising? If the answer is two years or more? Take 10% of that time and don’t look at results until then.

Focus on the process of changing your bad habits first, and results will be an offspring of those actions. So to keep your motivation to lose weight develop the long-term thinking. Stop with this instant gratification bull shit that has been poisoning people mind for the past 20 years. Give yourself time to change. Change takes time, let your mind and body adapt to that change. It makes the change long lasting and permanent.

Lastly, accept that having a healthy lifestyle is part of your life purpose and ultimate achievement. No one should take their health for granted. I’m not saying become a fitness maniac but do take your health seriously. Listen let’s be straightforward with each other. Give me one freakin advantage of being fat? Now give me one disadvantage of being healthy, energetic and feeling good in your mind and body?

Before I finish, let me tell you, motivation never last. What last is the inspiration because inspiration comes from your end purpose. That is why I asked of you to write down your purpose. Your purpose must be something that brings value not only to you but to your family, your loved ones and people around you. Think about it. You have one life to live there are no other chances. When your clock hits zero, it’s over. Another year has passed don’t let your purpose slip from your mind. Again you only live once but if you do it right once is enough my friend.

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